PODCASTS: Mike Winters Morning Show



FLETC Director Patrick and Artesia Mayor Burch04-16-15
Roswell City Mayor Dennis Kintigh04-19-15
Colonel David West and Barbara Gomez New Mexico Mud Invasion04-20-15
Josh Ragsdale from The Liberty, Pecos Flavors Winery and Vida Productions04-22-15
Dallas Pollei from ENMU-Roswell Perfoming Arts Center04-23-15
Sean Davis Director Chaves County RSVP discussing NM Senior Olympics04-26-15
LTC Philip Baca & Major Denna Curnutt discuss NMMI Be Your Own Boss 04-26-15
City of Roswell Supervisor Chitlahuac Gonzalez discusses Party on the River04-27-15
Rita KD & Maqil Duran discuss Elks Charity Event Golf Tournament and SENM Veterans Transportation Network04-28-15
Historical Society of SENM Museum Reopening Interview04-28-15
Amanda Davis From Roswell Public Library04-28-15
Business Spotlight: Karen Giffo from Roswell Community Federal Credit Union04-28-15
Bill Glenn with Oldtimer's Balloon Rally04-29-15
Jamie from Roswell Humane Society04-29-15
Embracing the Badge Press Conference04-29-15
Nik West Interview04-30-15
Larry Knadle from the Roswell Kitchen04-30-15
Travis Howze Interview04-30-15
Nellie from Workforce Connection05-03-15
Kathleen Garcia from the Roswell Chamber of Commerce05-05-15
Amelia Orozso USPS & Pastor Green Harvest Ministries Food Drive05-05-15
Michael Moore from Roswell Nissan05-05-15
Jamie from Roswell Humane Society05-07-15
Josh Watkins From Country Club Road Church of Christ05-07-15
Gina Buldra, ENMU-Roswell Respiratory Therapy Program Director 05-07-15
Nellie from Workforce Connection05-10-15
Roswell City Mayor Dennis Kintigh05-13-15
Roswell City Mayor Dennis Kintigh05-14-15
Josh Ragsdale 5-15-1505-14-15
Business Spotlight - Roswell Hyundai05-14-15
Kraig Cleveland - Cleaveland Water Well Service05-14-15
Nellie from Workforce Connections 5-18-1505-17-15
Kathleen Garcia From Roswell Chamber of Commerce 5-18-1505-17-15
David Grousnick Pt1 5-19-1505-18-15
David Grousnick Pt 2 5-19-1505-18-15
Donna Oracion - ENMU-R 5-19-1505-18-15
Barbara Gomez - Pecos Valley Potters Guild05-19-15
Barbara Gomez & Terry Delgado - NMSO and Fun Walk05-19-15
5-21-15 Judy Armstrong 05-20-15
5-19-15 Breakfast with the Mayor05-20-15
Roswell Comprehensive Master Plan Update 5-19-15 Public Meeting05-20-15
Jaime From Humane Society discusses Seeing Cats and Dogs-Pet Fest and Food Drive05-21-15
Patti Stacy with Roswell Community Little Theater05-25-15
Natalie Perez and Stacy Heacox with Big Brothers Big Sisters of SENM05-27-15
Joe Carpenter and Britt Cooper From Roswell High Basketball05-27-15
Stanton Riggs the Chaves County Manager05-28-15
Amanda and DeeAnn From Roswell Public Library05-28-15
Nellie from Network Connection05-31-15
Walker Aviation Museum Don Armstrong Steve Wolfe 6-2-1506-02-15
Shawn Davis with NM Senior Olympics 6-2-1506-02-15
Josh Watkins from Country Club Church of Christ 6-3-15 06-02-15
Leah Boone from CVE talks about Safe Haven06-02-15
Jamie From Humane Society 6-4-1506-03-15
Judy Armstrong & Emily Montgomery From Altrusa 6-4-1506-03-15
6-5-15 Stanton Riggs Chaves County Manager06-04-15
Nellie From Workforce Connection 6-8-1506-07-15
Johnny Gonzales from Community Volunteer Program06-07-15
Major Keith Butler06-08-15
Dick Smith from Shriners discussing Annual Onion Sale06-09-15
Amanda Davis from the Roswell Library06-09-15
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 6-11-1506-10-15
David Grousnick discusing Smokin on the Pecos06-10-15
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 6-12-1506-11-15
Tony Souza from Way, Way Off Broadway Productions discussing Les Miserables06-11-15
6-15-15 Nellie from Workforce Connection06-14-15
Donna Oracion from ENMU-Roswell06-15-15
6-16-15 Roswell Master Plan Meeting Introduction06-16-15
6-16-15 Roswell Master Plan Wayfinding Presentation06-16-15
Jim Tucker Annual Radio Field Day Event HAM Operator06-16-15
Mad Camp 1st United Methodist Church06-16-15
Kathleen Garcia from the Roswell Chamber of Commerce06-16-15
Associate Pastor Shewn Kelly and Senior Pastor Troy Smotherman from Church on The Move06-17-15
Johnny Gonzales06-17-15
Dave Grousnick with Smokin on the Pecos06-18-15
Jamie from Roswell Humane Society06-18-15
Robin, Chris, and Whitney talk July 4th entertainment06-23-15
John Lemay from the Historical of SENM 6-24-1506-23-15
CYFD Cabinet Secretary Monique Jacobson 06-23-15
Cuic Gonzalez for the Roswell Rec Dept06-23-15
Chaves County Manager Stan Riggs 6-26-1506-25-15
Nellie from Workforce Connection06-28-15
Kathleen Garcia from the Roswell Chamber of Commerce06-28-15
Jeff Gunn Sports Information Director from NMMI06-29-15
Chuck Coll & Mary Marley discussing Reflecting on Our Roots 06-30-15
Jamie from Humane Society07-01-15
Nellie Daniel from Workforce Solutions07-05-15
Don Armstrong & Steve Wolfe from Walker Museum 07-06-15
First United Methodist Church MAD Camp07-06-15
Stacy & Natalie from Big Brothers Big Sisters07-07-15
Josh Ragsdale discussing Kevin Folwer07-07-15
Amanda from Roswell Public Library 07-07-15
Mayor Dennis Kintigh 7-9-1507-08-15
Terry Proctor from Nation of Patriots 07-08-15
July 9th 2015 Roswell City Council Meeting 32kbps07-09-15
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 7-10-1507-09-15
Jamie from Roswell Humane Society07-09-15
Micheal Moore with Roswell Nissan07-09-15
Kathleen Garcia From Roswell Chamber of Commerce07-12-15
Steve Wolfe & Richard Lucero with National Night Out07-14-15
Micheal Francis discussing Count Basie Orchestra07-15-15
Nellie Daniel from Workforce Connection07-19-15
Andrea and Sandra from Chavez County Extension Office07-20-15
Robert Renalds Discussing Community Events 07-20-15
Donna Oracion - ENMU-R 7-21-1507-20-15
July 21, 2015 Mornings with the Mayor07-20-15
Johnny Gonzales discussing Back to School 07-21-15
Dyan Elington & Rachel Whitehead from ENMU-R Sun Path07-22-15
7-23-15 Special Joint Meeting07-23-15
Nellie Daniels with Workforce Connection07-26-15
Kathleen Garcia from the Roswell Chamber 07-26-15
Matt Solomon and Jimmy Masters discussing the Free Health Fair07-27-15
Quik Gonzales07-27-15
7-28-15 Johnny Gonzales discussing Back to School Drive07-27-15
Larry Knadle and John LeMay from the Roswell Historical Society 07-28-15
Steve Wolfe discussing National Night Out07-29-15
CUJO Home Internet Security 07-29-15
City Master Plan Presentation 7-25-1507-30-15
7-31-15 Stan Riggs Chaves County Manager07-30-15
8-3-15 Nellie Daniel with Workforce Solutions08-02-15
Raelynn Bean with Central Valley Electric 08-02-15
Bob Sherman with Walker Aviation Museum08-03-15
James Herrick author of War on the Rio Grande08-03-15
Johnny Gonzales discussing his School Supply Giveaway Drive08-03-15
Cyndy Wilson from Roswell Refuge08-04-15
Mayor Dennis Kintigh 8-6-1508-05-15
Jamie from Roswell Humane Society 8-6-1508-05-15
8-6-15 Roswell City Council Meeting 16MHz8Bit08-06-15
8-7-15 Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh08-06-15
8-11-15 Nellie From Workforce Solutions08-09-15
Kathleen Garcia From the Roswell Chamber of Commerce08-09-15
Jimmy Masters discussing the 2015 Dragonfly Festival08-10-15
Major Wade from N.M.M.I discussing Medal of Honor Foundation events08-10-15
Rise Up Roswell 8-11-1508-10-15
Robb Kopp speaking about Roots Tech Day08-11-15
Amanda with the Roswell Public Library08-11-15
Nellie from New Mexico Workforce Connection08-16-15
Barbara Gomez discussing Tour de Ocho Millas08-16-15
Sandra Barraza with Chaves County Extension Office08-17-15
Robert Renyolds discussing Community Events08-17-15
August 18, 2015 Mornings with the Mayor08-17-15
Donna Oracion - ENMUR08-18-15
Rosie Allison from Visiting Angels08-18-15
Jamie from the Roswell Humane Society08-19-15
Denny Giles from ShalloWit Clothing08-19-15
Stan Riggs Chaves County Commission08-20-15
Kathleen Garcia with the Roswell Chamber of Commerce08-23-15
John LeMay from the Roswell Historical Society 08-25-15
Jeff Gunn with NMMI08-26-15
Mornings With The Members at the Roswell Chamber of Commerce08-26-15
Natalie Perez and Stacy Heacox with Big Brothers Big Sisters of SENM08-26-15
Barbara Gomez discussing Tour de Ocho Millas08-27-15
Nellie from Workforce Connection08-30-15
Kathleen Garcia from The Roswell Chamber of Commerce08-30-15
Don Armstrong from Walker Aviation Museum08-31-15
Ray Ceballos from Roswell Boys & Girls Club08-31-15
Lauren Austin, Mark Amo and Elizabeth Jackson from the Ocotillo and Artesia Arts Council08-31-15
Tim Hollander from Big O Tires08-31-15
Rosie from Visiting Angels 09-01-15
Cindy Wilson from Roswell Refuge09-01-15
Jamie From Roswell Humane Society09-02-15
Steve Pearce discussing the Lesser Prairie chicken ruling09-02-15
Missy Holman with the Down Syndrome Foundation09-02-15
Steve Alvarez Discussing the 2015 Dragonfly Festival09-08-15
Tom Burris the Roswell Independent School District Superintendent09-08-15
Amanda from the Roswell Public Library09-08-15
Roswell City Mayor Dennis Kintigh09-09-15
Roswell City Mayor Dennis Kintigh Post Council Meeting09-10-15
Sandy Schuetz with Artesia Community Theater09-10-15
Josh Watkins with Country Club Road Church of Christ09-10-15
Nellie from Workforce Connection09-13-15
General Murray & Don Armstrong discussing Walker Aviation Day09-13-15
Shannon Wooten - Chaves Cty Ext Office09-14-15
Donna Oracion - ENMUR 09151509-14-15
Robert Reynolds discussing Roswell Events09-14-15
Missy Holman with the Down Syndrome Foundation Buddy Walk09-15-15
Jamie from the Roswell Humane Society09-16-15
Cadet Julian Brown and Cadet Faamaepaepa Luapola From NMMI09-16-15
Judy Hobson with Eastern New Mexico State Fair09-17-15
Stan Riggs Chaves County Manager09-17-15
Richard Dunn, Douglas Walker and General Murray discussing General Walker Day09-17-15
Jeff Dunn with NMMI09-17-15
Andrea Moore with Krumland Auto discussing Law Enforcement Appreciation Day09-21-15
George Grey with Leprino Foods discussing the 2015 Chile Cheese Festival09-21-15
Kathleen Garcia from The Roswell Chamber of Commerce 9-22-1509-21-15
Solar Fred KEND 09221509-22-15
Micheal Moore with Roswell Nissan09-22-15
Steve Wolfe and Richard Lucero - Prescription Drug Take Back Day09-23-15
Dan Whitefield & Jim Hetzler with Pecos Valley Society of Model Trainmen dicussing The Pecos Valley Railroad09-24-15
Jackie Snyder Not Your Fathers Marketing Seminar09-24-15
Rosie Allison from Visiting Angels09-24-15
Nellie Workforce Connection 9-28-1509-27-15
Jamie from the Roswell Humane Society 10-1-1509-30-15
October Mornings with the Mayor10-19-15
11-10-15 Mayor Dennis Kintigh11-09-15
Nellie From Workforce Connection 12-7-1512-06-15
Johnny Gonzales & Harold Sanchez12-07-15
John & Crystal Pennell with Total Productions12-07-15
Tom Burris RISD Superintendent 12-9-1512-08-15
Cel McCaw Galaxy 812-09-15
Dennis Kintigh Roswell City Mayor 12-10-1512-09-15
Jamie Roswell Humaine Society12-09-15
Dennis Kintigh Roswell City Mayor 12-11-1512-10-15
Michael Moore with Roswell Nissan12-10-15
Donna Orcion ENMU-Roswell12-14-15
Sandra Barraza Chaves County Extension Office12-14-15
Tom Blake & Juliana Halvorson with Main Street Roswell12-15-15
Steve Wolfe & Judy Armstrong 1st United Methodist Church Handels Messiah12-15-15
Pastor Larry Lacher Church of Nazarene12-16-15
Alex Haugen and Cel McCraw Star Wars Premier12-16-15
Stan Riggs Chaves County Manager December Report12-17-15
Johnny Gonzales 12_18_1512-17-15
Cindy Wilson from Roswell Refuge12-20-15
DeAnna Phillips Director of Public Affairs City of Roswell 12_30_1512-29-15
Nellie Daniel with New Mexico Workfroce Connection01-03-16
Don Armstrong & Steve Wolfe with Walker Aviation Museum 1_5_1601-04-16
Shannon Wooten from Chaves County Ext. Office01-04-16
Tom Burris RISD Superintendent 1_5_1601-04-16
Johnny Gonzales 1_6_1601-05-16
Dawn Willman & Cyndy Wilson with Roswell Refuge 1_6_1501-05-16
Jamie Roswell Humane Society 1_7_1601-06-16
Brit Cooper Roswell High Basketball Coach and Brian Byrd Roswell High Vice Pricipal01-07-16
Jeff Hub Capps from Roswell Toyota01-07-16
Brit Cooper Roswell High Basketball Coach and Brian Byrd Roswell High Vice Principal01-10-16
Candace Lewis and Kristin Vinson with the Roswell Chamber of Commerce 1-11-16 01-11-16
1-11-16 Candace Lewis and Kristin Vinson with the Roswell Chamber of Commerce01-11-16
Steve Wolfe & Richard Lucero with Crime Stoppers & Neighborhood Watch01-12-16
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 1-14-1601-13-16
January 2016 Roswell City Council Meeting01-14-16
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 1-15-1601-14-16
1_14_16 Roswell City Council Meeting Snowstorm Goliath State & Federal Help Request 01-14-16
Johnny Gonzales 1_15_1601-14-16
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 1-14-1601-14-16
Karen Lupien with Girl Scouts of the Desert SW01-17-16
Tom Burris, Arturo Ibarra and Nicole Austin Superintendent and New School Board Members01-18-16
John Fuss and Steve Wolfe with 1st United Methodist Church01-20-16
Nellie Daniels from New Mexico Workforce Connection 1_25_1501-24-16
Elvis Fleming and Amy Davis with the Historical Society for Southeast NM_1_26_1601-25-16
Business Spotlight with Jeff Grandjean from Grandjean Law Firm01-26-16
Father Dale Plummer and Donna Addison from St. Andrews Episcopal Church discussing Four Paws Pet Pantry 01-27-16
Melinda Gonzales and Cindy Wilson from the Roswell Friends of the Library01-31-16
Don Armstrong Walker Aviation Museum 2_2_1602-01-16
Brooke Linthicum with ENMMC Heart Health Month02-01-16
Leslie Carrera and Lauren Neumann from the Roswell Refuge02-02-16
Johnny Gonzales 2_3_1602-02-16
Rick Hale Living the Dash Grace Community Church02-03-16
Jamie from the Roswell Humane Society 2_4_1602-03-16
Orie Adcock City Council Ward 2 Candidate02-04-16
Stan Riggs Chaves County Manager 2_5_1602-04-16
Judge Lou Mallion 2_5_1602-04-16
Nellie Daniels Form Workforce Connection 2_8_1602-07-16
Tawnie Honey and Kristen Vinson from the Roswell Chamber of Commerce 2_8_1602-07-16
Johnny Gonzales 2_9_1602-08-16
Barbra Gomez and the Baby Boomer Business Expo 2_10_1602-09-16
Tom Burris RISD Superintendent 2_10_1602-09-16
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 2_11_1602-10-16
Johnny Gonzales 2_11_1602-10-16
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 2_12_1602-11-16
Kevin Roe Municipal Judge Canidate02-11-16
Barbara Gomez with Baby Boomer Expo 2_15_1602-14-16
Kerry Moore Ward 2 City Council Candidate02-16-16
Main Street Roswell & SENM Historical Society with the Sons of the Pinoeers02-16-16
2_18_16 Joe Seskey Municipal Court Judge Candidate02-18-16
2_19_16 Sergio Gonzalez Ward 5 City Council Candidate02-20-16
Jeff Grandjean from Grandjean Law Firm02-21-16
Nellie Daniel with NM Workforce Connection 2_22_1602-21-16
2_22_16 Roswell Chamber of Commerce02-21-16
Barry Foster City Council Ward 5 Candidate02-22-16
Steve Henderson City Council Ward 2 Incumbent02-22-16
Congressman Steve Pearce 2_25_1602-24-16
Caleb Grant (W2) and Jason Perry (W4) discussing the City Budget02-24-16
Barbara Gomez and Jaime from the Roswell Humane Society discussing the Baby Boomer Expo Part 102-25-16
Part 2 Jaime from the Roswell Humane Society discussing the Baby Boomer Expo02-25-16
2_29_16 Nellie Daniel with NM Workforce Connection02-28-16
2_29_16 Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh02-28-16
2_29_16 Special City Council Meeting02-29-16
3_1_16 Steve Wolfe and Bob Sherman from the Walker Aviation Museum02-29-16
3_2_16 Kim Henson and Cindy Wilson from the Roswell Refuge03-02-16
3_2_16 Tina Kincaid Republican Party of Eddy County03-02-16
3_3_16 Jamie from the Roswell Humane Society03-02-16
3_7_16 Amy Davis & Tom Blake the Sons of The Pioneers Concert03-07-16
3_7_16 Nellie Daniel with NM Workforce Connection03-07-16
3_7_16 Tawnie Honey from the Roswell Chamber of Commerce03-07-16
3_8_16 Richard Lucero & Steve Wolfe with Neighborhood Watch03-07-16
3_10_16 Roswell City Council Meeting03-10-16
3_14_16 Rev Tina Cross and Steve Wolfe from First United Methodist Church03-13-16
3_14_16 Nellie Daniel with NM Workforce Connection03-13-16
March 2016 Mornings With The Mayor03-14-16
3_15_16 Roswell High Girls Basketball Head Coach Joe Carpenter Coach with Team Captains03-14-16
3_15_16 Sandra Barraza with the Chaves County Extension Office03-14-16
3_18_16 Judy Armstrong and Steve Wolfe with 1st United Methodist Church03-17-16
Pastor Larry Lacher with First Church of the Nazarene 3_22_16 03-21-16
Troy Hudson RISD Athletics and Activities Director 3_22_16 03-21-16
3_22_16 Amy Davis & Elanie Mayfield with Historical Society for SENM & Zoo03-22-16
Shelly Currier with Wings For Life 3_23_16 03-22-16
Jonathan Smith New Mexico Workforce Connection Veteran Representative 3_28_201603-27-16
April 2016 Roswell City Council Meeting04-14-16
Congressman Steve Pearce 4_25_1604-25-16
4_10_16 Community Events Discussion with Robert Reynolds05-09-16
6_3_16 Goddard Head Football Coach Chris White06-02-16
6_3_16 Justin Ellis from Builders Do It Center06-02-16
6_3_16 Major Garza discussing the NMMI Junior Leadership Camp06-02-16
6_7_16 Don Armstrong with the Walker Aviation Museum06-06-16
June 2016 Roswell City Council Meeting06-09-16
6_27_16 Nellie Daniel from New Mexico Workforce Connection on Mornings with Mike Winters06-26-16
6_28_16 Troy Smotherman & Shawn Kelly from Church on the Move06-27-16
6_29_16 Jeff Grandjean from the Grandjean Law Firm06-28-16
7_25_16 Special City Council Meeting07-25-16
7_27_16 First Tee of Southeastern New Mexico On Mornings With Mike Winters07-26-16
Kent McInnes with Old Lincoln Days on Mornings with Mike Winters 7_28_1607-27-16
Johnny Gonzales on Mornings with Mike Winters 7_28_1607-27-16
JoAnn Palomino discussing the Free Health Fair on Mornings with Mike Winters 7_29_1607-28-16
Kent McInnes with the Billy the Kid Pageant on Mornings with Mike Winters 8_2_1608-01-16
8_11_16 Roswell City Council Meeting08-11-16
September 2016 Mornings With The Mayor09-19-16
Travis Ackerman, Monica Pacheco, Karla Morales and Clayne Williams with the Roswell High History Club on Mornings with Mike Winters 10_14_1610-13-16
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh on Mornings with Mike Winters 8_14_1610-13-16
October 2016 Mornings with the Mayor10-17-16
December 2016 Roswell City Council12-08-16
January 2017 Roswell City Council 16Kbps01-12-17
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 02091702-08-17
Leah Boone with Central Valley Electric Cooperative on Mornings With Mike Winters 2/9/1702-08-17
February 2017 Roswell City Council02-09-17
Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh 2_10_1702-09-17
Encouraging Words with First Church of the Nazarene Pastor Larry Lacher 02/13/1702-12-17
Johnny Gonzales, Kimberly & Burt 02/13/1702-12-17
RISD School Board Special Called Meeting 2_16_1702-16-17
Goddard vs Los Lunas Girls State Championship Game03-12-17
Roswell vs Capital Boys Basketball State Championship Game03-12-17
Just Do It08-17-17
ENMU-Roswell Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Ken Maguire 08-21-17
9_14_17 Roswell City Council09-14-17
Roswell City Council 10-12-1710-12-17